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Alien Pierre Magique Thierry Mugler

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Alien Pierre Magique

Perfume Alien Pierre Magique for women was introduced in the summer of 2013. The composition of these spirits may be classified as Eastern wood. Undoubtedly, perfume Alien Pierre Magique immediately attracts the attention not only for its splendid flavor, but also an unusual deep purple bottle. Its design resembles a faceted gemstone amethyst. And he is known to have strong magical properties, contributes to the development of internal abilities, protects against intoxication of love and evil deeds. This is consistent with the magical and mysterious series of perfumes Alien Pierre Magique fashion house Thierre Mugler. Limited edition perfume Thierry Mugler Alien Pierre Magique (Alien Pierre Magique) expanded this series, begun in 2005 as an excellent magic elixir. Eastern perfume composition Alien Pierre Magique open chords precious Sambac jasmine, which is then mixed with the heart of an entire palette of shades kashmerana and base notes of white amber. Did you know that kashmeran has a very pleasant smell, it does not leave anyone indifferent? Kashmeran has a wealth of nuances, slightly spicy flavor, it can be found fruity notes of apple, heliotrope, and jasmine flowers, woody tones pine, patchouli and even soft shades of vanilla. It seems that he has absorbed all that expresses our sensuality. Be sure to buy a perfume Thierry Mugler Alien Pierre Magique to your collection, because it is released in a limited edition, and perhaps soon they will be available only at a very high price. But now, we suggest you order this perfume perfume in our online store Topnatali.ru. Attached to your order cheap sending mysterious fragrance Alien Pierre Magique in Moscow. By means of transport company and we send e-mail Russia perfume, issued on site in Russia. One of the most convenient forms of payment to the perfume shop TopNatali is the payment of perfume and cosmetics COD.Alien Pierre Magique - a new limited edition of the famous Alien by Thierry Mugler, appeared on the perfume market in the summer of 2013, sparkling, colorful and mysterious, striking scent awakens the senses and emotions. Alien Pierre Magique enclosed in a bottle amethyst color of 40 ml and a concentration of Eau de Parfum. The composition is stated as a combination of warm and sunny flower, wood, solar and amber notes.
New perfume offers elegant jasmine sambac, which comes to replace the noble solar (solar) notes and soft kashmeran. Rounding out the impression of a warm base of white amber, which adds depth and volume of the composition. Thierry Mugler Alien Pierre Magique available at a price of 25 Euro for 30 ml EDP.

Group aromas: woody, floral.
Released in 2013.
Notes basics: Jasmine, Kashmeran, sambac, Ambergris.
Description: Alien Pierre Magique Thierry Mugler-fragrance chyuda and identities, inducing puzzles and hidden Mysteries! Perfume makes a glimpse into the depths of himself, revealing new facets of nevozmonogo. Mystic and a burning desire to do the impossible-Alien Pierre Magique Thierry Mugler.
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30 ml

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