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Carolina Herrera 212 vip

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Carolina Herrera 212 vip


Spanish brand Carolina Herrera is known worldwide as a manufacturer of luxury perfumes. The image of the designer Carolina Herrera, success in business, the media attention to the brand brought the company to a leading position among the manufacturers of perfumes. The fashion world is volatile, but by Carolina Herrera perfume remains popular in the top ten flavors. 1987 saw the release of the first fragrance Carolina Herrera with a heady mix of jasmine and tuberose essences. Fragrance for Men Herrera For Men, which was released in 1991, enjoyed a dizzying success. And this is not surprising, since it is women know that men like more than anything. For men who have a sense of style and taste Spanish perfumers Carlos Benaim and Rosendo Mateu created a perfume with refreshing notes of which emphasized their dignity, masculinity. The aromatic composition of 212 was released in honor of the daughter of the owner of the company, Carolina Adriana. In the world of the big city, luxurious and cosmopolitan, dynamic and changing, fragrances from Carolina Herrera dissolve without a trace, giving them the owners of their best properties. They are used and students, businessmen and elegant ladies, and politics. Aromas from Carolina Herrera match today's fast paced rhythm. Carolina Herrera is a member of several charitable and social organizations trying to help the population of the less developed countries. Buying pafyumeriyu by Carolina Herrera, each buyer shall be entitled to rely on the fact that he is also involved in helping the starving and sick.Group fragrances Oriental, Gourmet

Top notes of passion fruit, heart RomNoty: Musk, GardeniyaNoty Base: tonka bean, vanilla

Description: Secular perfume water with gourmet floral-oriental fragrance that combines style and stance. Unique exquisite charm. Carolina Herrera 212 Vip-was created for real It girls. This youth line, the composition of which is designed to awaken the blood and light. If you want to feel on top of success and become the most important person in the pretentious party, where for the rest of the input is ordered, Carolina Herrera 212 Vip's exactly what you're looking for!

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