The concentration and volume of perfume

The volume and concentration of perfume.
Buying perfume: perfume, cologne or scented water, whether foreign or domestic online stores, auctions or in elite boutiques, there is one and the same question, what amount of fluid in our usual milliliters is in the bottle and how much perfume will be the best ? Since taking on a journey or trip is not very convenient to take a large amount of perfume bottle.
The manufacturers of perfumes and cosmetics made in labeling volume of cosmetics and perfumery liquids, indicate its exact volume (E) in ML, OZ, or fluid ounces, Fluid Ounce: that is - imported products. Fluid ounce, the abbreviation FL, ML, OZ - means: a measure of the volume of the liquid perfume bottle. In our online perfume shop you can buy cosmetics, women's perfume, eau de toilette and men's colognes and perfumed water, any technical volume and concentration:
100 ml = 3.3 oz
100 ml = 3.4 oz
50 ml = 1.7 oz
30 ml = 1 oz
15 ml = 1/2 oz
10 ml = 1/3 oz
7.5 ml = 1/4 oz
5 ml = 1/6 oz
3.7 ml = 1/8 oz
3.7 ml = 1 dram

The pattern is that women's perfume or perfumed water in bottles of small size, that is the minimum volume, is much in demand than perfumes in larger containers and bottles. This is due to the fact that women are in the majority of the perfume is always with you. In an embodiment of the male perfume and eau de toilette Colognes 30-50ml volume purchased on a par with large bottles of 100 ml., As a man, even when he left on vacation, in the rare event will bring perfume, unless of course he is alone and going to rest in search of romantic adventure , in such cases, it is natural to take with cologne. In the women's perfume 30ml volume -the most tradable commodities, all the new start it with these milliliters, popular position between sales of the new fragrance.
Let's say you like, multiple flavors of the same perfume house, of course you are curious by the consultant, whether there is a sale of a set of several smaller volume of spirits. Aware that such a purchase will cost you less.
100ml - usually the best and most advantageous offer for the price. This amount of perfume is best to buy already will like the familiar favorite flavor. 75ml bottle - too voluminous and heavy to wear it permanently with him in her purse, but long enough and long lasting for daily routine use. 50ml bottle - probably the best choice, the golden mean. The vial containing 30ml -sumochny option wherever you were going, he's always with you. But the choice is yours.
Symbols used in perfumery

Parf-Parfum-spirits. Preferred concentration of species, perfumes or perfume comprising from 25% to 30% oil-based or fragrant - smelling oil concentrate better 90% alcohol. Naturally it has a strong resistance, versions with a spray or nebulizer without having an oily base concentrate.
Eau De Perfume (Perfume De Toilette) Espirit De Perfume. EDP-it is in our time Perfumed water. Perfume - the most popular and well-selling, flavor concentrate on today and tomorrow. This is the balance adjustment, the flavor quality and the price itself - on the one hand and better, namely the concentrate is high enough buttered perfume components, i.e. the extract of the concentrate of 10-25% at a ratio of 90% alcohol, and the opposite side - is more readily available for Compared with spirits difference. and the quality and price. All perfume houses, eau de parfum, it's the best, high-quality, highly valued for durability flavor, because the concentration of the extract product regulated, that is, not every perfume house afford such a luxury. By issuing its views in the form of perfume fragrances or perfumes. Many are not willing to do high-quality water, and on this, just write like this if eto- Perfume De Toilette (Perfume) and now this is still an option, like Dior or other manufacturers, Espirit De Parfum-write that the spirits of those soft or light concentration or consistency. This is also observed, the manufacturer offers in addition to all the above and more EAU DE Perfume De Toilette Intense - intense - water - perfume. Clearly and correctly considered that the eau de parfum spray -pulverizator always, but there are other options like ball perfumes but they are a big part of the foundations of the olives, and a large concentration of the extract.
EDT- translation - Eau de toilette, but rather Eau De Toilette. The toilet water - as is customary since ancient times, the proportion of odoriferous substances or concentrates of an extract, from 10 to 20%. But 6-12% in men's spirits, oil or the concentration of the extract, the share of 80-90% alcohol. Many fragrances already exist in this concentration, this we know of men's fragrances, it is a large amount of toilet water. At best, toilet water is kept to 2-3 hours, whereas the perfumes from 5-10 or more hours. Perfumes eto- volumes (30, 50, 75, 100 mL), the convenience of use such kak (spray). Ideal choice for everyday use.
EDC - it is, cologne, and American manufacturers, referred to simply as toilet water. Eau De Cologne-how weak powers, and the least concentrated perfume products. In Cologne in the usual sense of the word (3-5% of the concentrate of the extract, flavor bases for a share of 70% alcohol), but if your toilet water is made in the USA, then you would see it Cologne - it is absolutely a very different product, concentrate on flavor.
Same as it was toilet water - Eau De Perfume or Eau De Toilette. Almost never used in perfumes, which are made for women, but there are exceptions, if there is such a concentrate, it is the lightest scent in the women's series of this issue and keeps 2-3chasa.
TESTER (Tester) - a demonstration of the flavor, not for sale (Vietala La Vendita - Not For Sale) usually it is only for advertising, original perfume, eau de toilette, perfumes and so on, I would like to note that unlike testers and originals in the tester, in a simple cardboard box, and the original in the original packaging. In certain compositions are not affected, the consistency of the concentrate is not broken! audio in the original audio in the tester. It's simple, to the neglect of the testers, as they are just advertising, and testers for all fragrantly no cover at all from the vials. From this and much lower price testers. Fact!
How to recognize which is which? The answer you will read below. I hope this article will help you.

SET - set (Eng.), COF - set (France), DEO - deodorant, BALM - balm, BRUME LACTEE - Body Lotion (French), B / L (body lotion) - Body Lotion (English), AFSH ( after shave) - After Shave, A / B (after shave balsam) - After Shave Balm, S / G (show gel) - Shower Gel, Spray - Spray, Stick - solid deodorant, RELIFE - spare wheel, VIAL - probe.

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